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A much anticipated work, this reference for authors "The ABC's of POD"
is for anyone who wants to make a solid start in the industry.

"The ABC's of POD" introduces and defines various important publishing terms, familiarizes the readers with the concepts, and provides the necessary information on how to best research the options with:

Straightforward, easy-to-read chapters
Special "think spot" questions by section
Over forty additional exploratory inquiries
Real-life input from successful POD Authors
Supplementary recommended reading selections
Detailed glossary & more!!


"Thousands of authors are leaping blindly into the world of POD. They should all run out and buy "The ABCs of POD" right now. Her clear discussion of POD's hidden costs alone makes this book
worth every penny." ~ Fern Reiss, PublishingGame.com

"This is just what the hopeful author considering POD Publishing needs. This valuable volume explains in simple terms what a POD publisher is and how they came about. Bailee takes authors by the hand through the process of POD. She explains authors' rights, the concept of royalties, fees and contracts, and tackles the reality of book promotion and sales." ~ Patricia Fry, SPAWN President

"The "ABC's Of POD" by POD Expert Dehanna Bailee is an ideal introduction ... If you are an aspiring author wanting to self-publish, then give a careful reading to Dehanna Bailee's The ABC's Of POD."
~ Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

"The ABC's of POD .. is exactly that. The presentation is simple and direct. It's grounded in her own experience and ... the ABC's will give you the basics of self-publishing. I particularly like her emphasis on editing! And her chapters on the real costs of POD and figuring royalties are excellent!"
Anne Wayman, Guide to Freelance Writing at About.com

"In this primer for writers new to POD fee-based publishing, Dehanna Bailee lays out all the
basics in a concise manner." ~ Sarah Mankowski, WordThunder.com

"The ABC's of POD" is a very well researched text. The topics are well thought out and are presented in a logical fashion. Moreover, the author has done an exemplary job of presenting a balanced text that includes both the benefits and drawbacks of print on demand publication versus traditional publication."
~ Tami Brady, Blether.com

"This is the book that anyone who is considering self-publishing or being published by a POD publisher should read first. Knowing what to look for could save an author money and heartaches and "The ABC's of POD" will do just that. Great book!" ~ Marilyn Meredith, Fictionforyou.com

"I would highly recommend this book to any writer in that final stage of deciding which way to go, trad, or POD. The cost in purchasing this informative book may just save you quite a few bucks..."
~ Lea Schizas, Apolloslyre.com & Museitup

This title was at one time shelved in the NY Public & Arapahoe Community College Library

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