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True Nature
ISBN 0975509519 

Paranormal Romance

Released by: Blue Leaf Publications 
Available in Paper and Electronic Formats
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"An inspiring novel about a courageous woman who seeks the truth of her soul and finds it's not just who we are, or were, that matters. It's who we will become...”

Kailen James awakens to the haunting memories of her dreams and the fear of an unknown future in New Orleans, searching not only for her sanity but also for a cure from the seizures that have robbed her of a normal life and of love. Romance is the last thing on her mind, but she finds that her body has other ideas when she meets the handsome rogue Marc Foteneau who she follows deep through a darkness wrought with hazards, both real and imagined, to the woman Marc is convinced can help her. As they find the answers she's been seeking, Kailen learns the startling truth and not only finds herself easy prey for the woman who sees her as a threat for Marc's affections but also of Lucas, a long past rival, as well.


"Kailen resisted the demands of her body to fight. It would do no good. Lucas was too absorbed in his dominance. There would be no reasoning with him. Her mind screamed as she felt the wound and the warmth of her own blood. Small lights floated in from the corner of her eyes as the lack of air began to take hold. She knew no matter what, she would die tonight in the grip of a madman - just as she was beginning to live."



4 1/2 Hearts! TRUE NATURE is a wonderful paranormal story. Dehanna bailee will thrill readers with this, her debut novel. My attention was grabbed from the very first paragraph and I was kept guessing right up through the ending. This is one I definitely recommend reading!



Ms. Bailee has written a novel that captures you from the start and keeps you immersed until the last page is read. She has built a world of shapeshifters that you're so engrossed in that it's a shock when you're done reading. The fight scenes that the author writes about are very intense. You feel the turmoil of the characters, when they are fighting within themselves. Also when Marc is impatient to get on the trail of Kailen, you sense the deep love he has for her. I'll be looking for more of her work!


HUNTRESS REVIEWS, Detra Fitch, an Amazon.com Top 500 Reviewer

5 STARS! This paranormal romance will leave its readers breathless. The reader will see everything happen, mostly, through Kailen's eyes. Therefore, the truth of Kailen's existence is revealed slowly and entices the reader's curiosity. Do not think that this means the story moves slowly, you would be wrong. The author keeps everything flowing at a smooth pace. Once the truth becomes clear everything moves almost TOO swiftly. The reader will be unable to break away from the story.


Review of True Nature
ROUNDTABLE REVIEWS, Reviewed By Michelle Dragalin


I liked the story; it flowed smoothly through the entire book. Ms. Bailee integrated the two cultures effortlessly, making it seem like this really occurs in today’s world. Since I lived in Louisiana, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the circumstances within TRUE NATURE actually existed. Full marks for originality and content!


Reviewed by Nina M. Osier, author of ROUGH RIDER

Kailen's "true nature" surprised me as much as it did her, despite the story's logical flow in that direction. Like Kailen, I thought then that I knew what she was all about - but we both quickly found out otherwise! The tale had a lot more twists and turns in store, for Kailen and for me. If you're a lover of paranormal romance combined with rip-roaring adventure, you'll find True Nature a thoroughly engaging read.


Review of True Nature -- Melissa S. James

Having lived in Louisiana for three years, I fell in love with Dehanna Bailee's book almost immediately. TRUE NATURE is a riveting book. Once you start reading, you will not want to put it down. Kailen must face her greatest fear in order to overcome a handicapping condition. She faces the fear, she accepts the gauntlet when it is thrown to her and she will overcome with the help of the handsome Mark Fontaneau and even with the help of the jealous Raven.


Additional Commentary

“Dehanna Bailee’s book is an incredible account of a courageous woman seeking the truth of her soul. I loved it!” — Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese, A StoryWeaver’s Book Reviews

“...this was an excellent book. I look forward to seeing more work from this lady.” — Reviewed by Amanda Killgore, Romance Readers Connection

“It grips from the first page, with poetic writing and vivid descriptions...” — Annette Gisby, “Silent Screams” and “Shadows of the Rose”

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